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Then mobility training is the perfect thing for you.

Mobility training is not designed as a substitute for your current activities, rather something to enhance your performance. It can make you a better runner, skier, yogi, or hiker by ensuring that your joints move optimally and you have the strength to sustain your sport for the long run. 



In our initial mobility session, we will start by gathering information on what activities or sports you currently do, thoroughly assess your joints range of motion, and identify any limitations you have. You wouldn't want a dentist to fill a cavity without doing an X-ray first. And you wouldn't want someone to give you prescribed exercises without a detailed assessment on your movement. Following your assessment we will make a plan to ensure that you have the prerequisites to do the activities you love, work on increasing your range of motion in deficit areas and give you the best possible foundation for a lifetime of optimal movement. 

Are you ready to enhance your movement? 


Book your session today!

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