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You are not alone.

Pain can be frustrating. We go to the doctor, get a massage or take a pill that just temporarily relieves the symptoms but doesn't identify the problem. Most physical pain is related to a movement problem. Most movement problems require a movement based solution. 



In our initial mobility session, we will start by gathering information on what activities you currently do, thoroughly assess your joints range of motion and identify any limitations you have. You wouldn't want a dentist to fill a cavity without doing an X-ray first. And you wouldn't want someone to give you prescribed exercises without a detailed assessment on your movement. Following your assessment we will make a plan to decrease your pain for the long term, increase your range of motion and get you back to the movements and activities that you love. 

Are you ready to better understand your body and movement potential? To work on eliminating your pain for good? To add to the list of physical activities you can do, not take activities away? 

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